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I like solving complex problems. I have built my expertise through a combination of academic and industry experience. I always keep up with new developments in AI. I am based in Istanbul, Turkey.

I completed a PhD in Computer Engineering at Bogazici University. My research centered around machine learning, deep learning, and audio signal processing. The title of my PhD thesis is “Source Separation via Weakly-Supervised and Unsupervised Deep Learning”. I also have an MS degree in Software Engineering from Bogazici University.

I founded and led the applied machine learning research team at During my time there, I built various machine learning applications that have touched the lives of millions of people. Formerly, I worked there as a principal software engineer and software architect.

I now work as a consultant, combining my previous experience in machine learning and software engineering.

A photo of 3-year-old me playing a video game (Prince of Persia) on my father’s computer.